Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The benefits of anodized pans and other practical uses review

We have found that due to the thickness of the base and the non stick of the pans you use less oil than normal. The pan is so hot and does not stick so our oil consumption has dropped noticeably. There are numerous health benefits with a good set of pans, stainless steel washes up perfect every time and does not leave that nasty rust coloured residue after a years use. The saucepans are great too we make a lot of jams and chutneys and some of these can take forever to get to the consistency requiring more attention then you have time to give.

We have found that the pans are more forgiving for your slackness and you can forget about them to a point :) Due to the thickness of the anodized pans you don’t have to have the heat on full as once the pan heats up it retains an incredible amount of heat allowing you to save money on gas as well.

A few hints and tips

Make sure not to use metal spoons or knives on the bottom of these pans as once they are scratched it makes it a lot harder to cook and produces lower quality foods like omelette’s. Even though the company have stated that the pans will take some utensil abuse I always use wood after my youngest used a metal spoon in the large omelet pan leaving a nasty big scratch to this day. For the sake of the pan and in turn being able to look your family in the eye after such atrocities (haha) stick with wooden spoons or plastic.

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